Sunday, July 18, 2010

Opening to possibility

When you study something like Kinesiology every second weekend over a period of three years you get to know the other people you're studying with rather well.

There tends to be lots of discussions about future possibilities and it was about two years ago that a friend in my course told me she thought I'd teach yoga one day. This lady is very intuitive but on this point, I knew she was wrong.

First of all, I didn't want to. I wasn't even attending regular classes due to study induced busyness and exhaustion. And the prospect of devoting even more time and more money towards study was highly unappealing.

"You won't have to study yoga teaching," she told me.

Ha, well that was ridiculous. Everyone knows that if you want to teach yoga you need to do a yoga teacher training course.

In any case, teaching was the last thing from my mind. I had just left primary teaching behind me, thank you very much. The thought of teaching anything again made me feel quite anxious. Although I'd quite liked teaching and knew I was quite good at it, I was completely over it. So many people to please, so much work to do, so much structure, always feeling guilty because I should be doing more, more, more.

"It will start in February."

Despite my resistance, the friend kept bringing it up. She started to mention workshops.

"They'll start out small but they'll get much bigger."

I doubted it. I couldn't imagine it and also, I didn't want to imagine it. What would I even run a workshop on? I had no idea.

Even though my job at the education dept involved me giving regular presentations to teachers, I didn't love public speaking. I'm naturally fairly shy and I was NOT looking to do more of it, especially not by choice. Really, it's not what I want to do, I assured her.

Also, stop bringing it up, I know it's not going to happen, can we talk about something else?

"They want you to know it will be easy. It will be different. You'll just know what to say. It will be fun. You'll feel like you do when you write on your blog."

Oh. I still doubted it were possible. But if it felt like that, it might be ok.

Of course, I probably needed all these hints along the way. Opportunities to look at my fears so that later, I might be ready. Reassurances that it might actually be enjoyable, if I chose to go down that path. If I hadn't needed these pieces of information, my friend probably never would have offered them.

We get the help we need.

You might imagine that when I met Nadine, about a year ago, that all the pieces quickly fell into place. You'd be wrong. Take this conversation that we had about our respective futures:

Kerry: Of course I love my Kinesiology so I'll be doing that. I might do some more yoga one day and who knows, maybe some workshops and writing but I don't know what about.

Nadine: Well I love my yoga so I'll be doing that. I'll definitely do some more writing and probably bigger workshops and retreats but I don't know what about.

Gosh girls, I hope you can figure it out!

So this year I finally made it to my first yoga class with Nadine - in February, when else?? After the class we went for coffee at Brother Buba Budan.

"Maybe we should do a workshop together on yoga and Kinesiology?" I suggested. We rang the Hub and booked it in, for July.

And so it began.


  1. Sounds like a perfect match really, doesn't it? And I think this mode of workshop teaching definitely has legs :)

  2. Hi Svasti,
    You might be right! We were so happy to have you in our first workshop too :)
    Kerry x