Monday, July 12, 2010

Finding the words

A couple of days have passed since Nadine and I ran our first Unstuck workshop, and I'm still waiting for the words to arrive.

There was much anticipation and we got lovely feedback on the day and since. Nadine is processing too.

Powerful doesn't begin to describe it.

This has been one of the biggest parts of the process all along. Finding the words.

We work on different levels, the two of us, with our yoga and Kinesiology. But we are realising the words are the same. Words that can explain what we see and what we feel and what we know.

We already work with people who are going through enormous change. We learn, all the time, through them.

And as we go, we are finding the words to express the ways we work with and understand emotions and feelings and the process of change.

Luckily we work in tandem. "Nadine, I can't find my words," I will say. "Don't worry," she will tell me, "I have mine today." And then, it switches.

As we began to write the notes for our workshop, I kept seeing a quote. I didn't know the source but I'd seen it many places and it kept flashing up. I must write that down, I thought, I must remember to put that in. I got home and opened the notes that Nadine had started.

There was the quote, right at the top of the page:

'Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come most alive, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.’ Howard Thurman

When we read through the notes now, we can't quite remember who wrote what. Our words, our ways of understanding this work are beginning to merge. And still changing.

Words that can articulate and explain the energies we work with and feel. Words that give us all permission to be fallible. Words that encourage exploration, that help you to remember what you know.

To really own all that you are.

The light and the dark, the awareness and the ignorance. To acknowledge and accept and love yourself exactly where you are. And from that point, to make choices.

We have had to do all this ourselves to create the work. Of course running the workshop itself brought up an even deeper layer of that. We feel raw too, slightly exposed. But grateful. And proud of ourselves too.

For having the courage to trust and be open to creating something that is new, to us. For being scared at times, and unsure. And then gently moving into and through our fears ... into the unknown.

And now after the workshop, there is the sense of a void.

A silence.

A waiting.

Integration time, we'll call it.

And then, the beginnings of a trickle. The mind and the body and the heart start to re-wire themselves with their new awareness and understanding.

Things start to flow.

As we keep being reminded as we do this work: It doesn’t have to be hard. It can be easy. Simple.

If you let it.

And just like that, the words return.


  1. For me, it still feels very much under the surface. The words for my own inner workings aren't quite there yet, although I suspect a workshop review is on the way very soon. Thanks for a lovely workshop. I was very proud to be at the very first one you and Nadine put on. Feels like the beginning of something BIG. :)

  2. And you have a beautiful way with words. This post is like poem.