Friday, June 4, 2010

The Tower - Chaos? Well, definitely change.

Getting comfortable with the tower

If there is one card practically noone likes to show up in a tarot reading, it's the tower. No doubt about it, the tower means change. Often dramatic and unexpected and yep, a little out of our control.

Except ... take a look at the foundations of the tower in the image.

They're not exactly strong.

The tower is breaking apart and causing chaos because whatever it is that is falling apart was never strong enough to begin with. It can be something you've put your trust in, something you assumed to be stable such as a job or relationship, it could be that you're overly reliant on what others think of you, or that you've been choosing to ignore the dark and billowing clouds that have indicated a need for change for a while ...

What is real?

Sometimes the tower can feel like it comes out of the blue - and we get to find out, that confidence, that trust, that self belief ... is it real? Or do we need to work on that a little more?

When the tower shows up, it can mean that the things in your life that are not built on strong ground are going to be shaken up. The truth is going to come out. When the fuss and chaos has died down you will know where you're really at.

Don't be afraid, but do look at what's going on

I've learnt the tarot before but I'm doing another course at the moment ... and this week the tower has been coming up for me. And yes things did feel a little shaky within for a day or two. Rather than being fearful when the tower (or challenge in general) shows up, just think: interesting. What does that mean for me?

The tower can also signify a break through.

If you're willing to look at and deal with what's going on (and it's kind of hard not to look at the tower!) you can end up feeling like you might after a storm has passed, kind of cleansed and clear, with a greater sense of focus. And yes, a Kinesiology session will definitely help clear through some of that debris!

Getting clear

The truth will not necessarily be bad ... it might be that you just need to go within and really get clear about what you want and need and make sure you are giving that to yourself. There might be some attitudes, beliefs or behaviours from the past that you really need to let go of ... and you're being pushed to do this.

Avoidance ... just makes things worse

It's like in a Kinesiology session ... being honest with ourselves and learning from challenges and being prepared to address any negatives (so often this is related to how we speak to ourselves) can really result in amazing break throughs.

Staying on the surface and trying to ignore the things we don't want to feel or think about ... well, it only works for a while.

Whatever - the tarot is part of the cycle of life, there sometimes needs to be a breaking down of sorts to make way for the new. The card that follows the tower is the Star ... making a wish, setting goals, reaching for the stars. Sometimes we need to let go of some stuff first.

Oooh, free tarot readings

Here are two lovely sites for free tarot readings: Free Lotus Tarot and the Gaian Oracle.

So do tell, what's in the cards for you?

(And despite what I just said - I do kind of hope it's not the tower!!)

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  1. Love those links and this post Kerry! Funny cause I just played around making an example tarot card on my bloggy - "the fool"! xx