Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New! Awaken Experiences

Focused 30 minute sessions that are easy to fit into your day and cost just $50. Leaving you feeling calm and clear, these sessions are a great way to look after yourself.

How to choose?

Either decide what you most want – positivity, energy or calmness … or choose your favourite tool – essences, crystals or energy work. Want to try them all? A pack of three is $135. Let me know if you’d like a gift voucher too. Fun!

The experiences ...

Positivity - Flower essences
Essences are subtle but powerful vibrational remedies which can help to dissolve negative attitudes, enabling you to create more positivity in your life. Bush, Bach and Desert flowers help to create greater awareness. They may be taken orally or combined with affirmations, acupressure points, sound or the chakras to gently create harmony in your body, leaving you feeling calm, supported and clear.

Energising - Crystals
Focusing on the wisdom of the crystals. Crystal stones, essences, cards and accompanying information are used to create insight and understanding. Combined with chakra work, acupressure points and visualisations, this session will reduce stress and help you feel lighter and refreshed.

Calming - Energy work
This calming, quiet and gentle session will really allow you to relax. When you’re stressed and stuck in your head, sometimes more information is not what you need. Get back in touch with your body. Energetic techniques which may include lightly holding a series of acupressure points, especially those associated with brain function, and the use of sound, light or flower essences in the chakras and auric fields. At the end you can find out any key themes!

What are these sessions for?

For those times that you’d love a session but you don’t have time to come in for an hour, also great for a top up between session times, to give you a boost, as a treat … or these sessions also make a lovely gift.

They're also ideal if you just want to check Kinesiology out and want to get a bit of an idea of how it works before you commit to a longer session.

These sessions wouldn't replace the full holistic experience of a regular one hour session, especially when you're trying to create change, but if you want to relax and recharge and lack time? Perfect!

At Sakura Lounge in the Melbourne CBD and Clyde St Studios, St Kilda.
Email kerry.awaken@gmail.com to make a booking or call 0403257431.

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