Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hope & Joy . . .

It is often such a big decision to make an appointment to see someone like a Kinesiologist and it was for me too ... will it be the right thing? Should I just go for a massage instead? Or do I really need a counsellor? Will I like her? Will it work? What do they even DO?!!

That was exactly the experience this client had. She just wrote a part of her story and has given me permission to share it with you ...

My mum started seeing a kinesiologist / chiropractor after being very ill and being recommended by a friend of hers. I left home before she started seeing her guy and I remember talking to her about it briefly over the phone and she has always referred to him as her “witch doctor” but she never really went into what he did with her.

I’ve always been interested in self-development and have been helped at times by the right people and information being brought into my life at the right times and I’ve always been open to alternate therapies.

Cut forward to late 2009.
I’m well and truly stuck in a pretty deep dark rut, I’d say I was bordering on a meltdown. I was pushing my partner away, I was very rarely happy or motivated, I had been consistently fighting regular throat gland infections for as long as I could remember (on and off for at least 3 years).

I’d had some really low moments with my partner and had been considering the idea of seeing a counsellor about the issues swamping me. I’d also always had trouble verbalising my feelings and thoughts, scared that the true me would push the people I loved away. Around this same time my throat glands had swollen again.

Enter Google and then Kerry.
Before I had the chance to chicken out I’d emailed her for an appointment. So I go to my appointment with Kerry very nervous and not sure exactly what to expect and boy did I get a pleasant surprise. I sat with Kerry while she probed me about my reasons for coming and I think the most I was able to tell her were the issues around my throat glands/infections. So we started there.

As it turns out Kerry and kinesiology was the very right thing for me.

After my first session with Kerry my throat pain had almost dissolved. I left the lounge really just “freaking” out (in a good way!). It took me about a block to stop shaking enough to dial my mum. I spent the next 10 minutes trying to tell my mum exactly what had happened and what Kerry and I had addressed and exactly how I felt after walking out of the lounge.

What Kerry has done for me since ...

- After the first session and since I haven’t experienced any throat gland infections (my biggest revelation!).
- I’ve worked with Kerry on verbalising my thoughts and feelings.
- Together we’ve explored some of my more deep rooted fears.
- I’m happier overall, I’m communicating well with my partner and am no longer scared to express the real me.

Kerry has scared me a few times with our work together! She quoted me Louise Hay at our second session (I think) and I remember saying to her can I have a look at that book. Sure enough I’d ordered the same book a few weeks earlier and it had been delivered to me the day before our session!

We covered a lot of Louise in subsequent sessions and I’d said to Kerry that I hadn’t yet had a chance to read the book. Kerry said to me well your body is determined to hear this information even if I have to read the whole thing to you. Since finishing the book we haven’t used Louise in our sessions!

I leave every session with Kerry feeling better, lighter, happier, more focused and prepared to tackle what’s coming.

I can’t recommend her enough. The change she has helped me to make in myself is huge. And what my mum told me is spot on.

“I can’t describe how or why but it just works!”

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  1. That was such a lovely post! I found the same thing with throat issues (I kept losing my voice) and was interested to read Louise Hay and notice that this was related to "communication".

    Whenever I went to see Kerry, it kept coming up that I wasn't accepting myself for who I was which was frustrating because I didn't know how to "fix it". After just a few kinesiology sessions, I found that I became more confident in being clear about my needs so that I could communicate in a more real way with others in my life. Like you, I don't know how it happened but it sort of fixed itself!

    It's something I know I need to keep working on (self acceptance and communication) but I certainly feel better than I did. I also found that daily meditation and regular yoga has been really beneficial too.

    I'm so happy for you that you're feeling lighter and happier as it's certainly the same feelings I have experienced. It was great to read such an honest post.