Monday, April 5, 2010

Competition! Louise Hay CD giveaway

To enter just write in the comments:

'A saying, affirmation or piece of advice you remind yourself of when you're going through a stressful time'

Hopefully we can all learn from your fabulous advice. You can get a bonus entry by just adding a comment sharing your own thoughts to any other post.

Entries close next Wednesday 14th April 2010!

I first read 'You can heal your life' by Louise Hay when I was 21. I had just finished uni (teaching) and had come across from SA to the Falls Festival in Lorne for New Years. I picked it up on impulse to read on the train on the way home. It was a major time of transition in my life and the book had a big impact.

Many of my clients also love Louise and often have a copy of her book hidden away somewhere, sometimes it has been read, sometimes not.

One time I picked the book off the shelf and showed it to a client saying, 'this is a book by Louise Hay, have you seen it before?' She nearly fell off the table.

'I just had that book delivered to my house yesterday!!'

Anyway, I was in a bookstore last week and saw this 'You can heal your life' cd study course.
'I'm going to buy that and give it away on my blog!' I immediately decided. So here we are ...

Please make sure you leave your first name and click to receive follow up comments via email. I'll draw the winner randomly (I might video it and post it here!) and write a comment with the winning entry and name asking them to email me their address ... then I'll post it out to you.

Yay! Competitions!


  1. Louise Hay is always inspirational! I would love to win the CD!!! haha! Jescinta

  2. I find when I'm stressed out and tired, I can tend to let my mind take over. Rather than acknowledging my stress with work, I'll start thinking about all the stresses in my life. I can think of a thousand times I have failed or got myself into "this negative pattern". It was my yoga instructor who used the words "it will pass". As a school teacher, I often find myself feeling completely stressed and tired at the end of a day, week or term or with deadlines such as reports. Stopping and acknowledging the stress and saying to myself "it will pass" really helps me to realise it is not forever and it seems to work!

    I love this blog idea Kerry and I'm looking forward to hearing what others have to say.

  3. "I love and accept myself"

    I have just started reading Louise Hay's 'You can Heal your life' last week and this quote has already helped me alot to deal with day to day stresses. It brings me to the present moment and reminds me how important it is to treat myself with love and acceptance. If I do this, it attracts love and acceptance towards me from others also.

  4. "I approve of myself"

    This affirmation comes from one of Louise Hay's books too (I'm unsure which one). This affirmation helps me feel loved and grounded in the quiet of my heart. Its me giving my heart a little hug :) It allows me to feel centered, and to accept myself in the present now, regardless of what others are doing or saying in their own lives.

  5. "I am where I am and its okay.. If I was meant to be somehwere else I guess I would be ..!!!!

    Amanda auricfields

  6. Hi Kerry,

    Could that reference to the book being delivered be in relation to me? lol....That moment really just confirmed for me that where I was right at that moment (with you) was where I needed to be (where my universe intended me to be). I find often when I'm in the heat of a moment that if I take a step back and take a deep breath that the answer will often present itself to me. Sometimes I don't understand exactly but more often than not these things become very clear, very soon (sometimes because I've stumbled accross something and often because of our sessions).

    A good thing I often ask myself is "What do I need to learn from this?" This helps me look at all the points to attempt to discover what is going on.

    Meagan - Richmond

  7. So many! I love inspirational quotes and remind myself of the power of them constantly:

    "Joy is not in things, it's in us"
    "Just breathe"
    "When all is lost, the future remains"

  8. "It will all work out in the end".

    I think if you actually believe that this is the case then it makes it easier to work through stressful or unsettled periods of your life.

  9. Oooh, loving all your fabulous sayings and affirmations, thank you for sharing lovely people! xx
    @Jescinta - you are such a sweetie. Now you need to add your saying! lol!!
    @Jane - 'it will pass'. That is so true and so hard to remember sometimes when we're in the middle of the latest drama!
    @Claire - I love that concept. That if we treat ourselves with love and acceptance then the way other people treat us seems to change too
    @Jayne - a hug for your heart, that is sooo sweet :)
    @Amanda - I love that one too, stops that 'what if' thinking that can be so destructive (and tends to get you nowhere!)
    @Meagan - yes that was totally you!! It was pretty funny wasn't it. It's so special when you have those moments of 'ok I'm definitely being looked after and meant to be here right now!' And to think you just tried Kinesiology because your Mum suggested you give it a go!
    @Alicia - such great quotes ... I often remind myself to breathe when I start getting stressed too. A funny thing to have to remind yourself of but there we have it!
    @Adam - I agree, reminding yourself that things do tend to work themselves out is so reassuring!
    These are so fabulous, will do the draw next Thursday and let you know who gets the cd. xx

  10. Give my stress wings and let it fly away, everything will be ok

    Then I take 3 deep breaths and relaxxxx :-)

    If that does not work, call kerry for a session he he :-)

  11. Yesterday is History, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why it is called the "present". Make the most of each day
    Going for a walk can help ease stress, or a massage, facial, yoga or Tai chi
    The only person we can change is ourselves.
    Take time to smell the roses.
    Make sure to eat well, get plenty of sleep and include some relaxation time and exercise during stressful times.
    Laughter is good medicine, even if you don't feel like it at the time.
    Spend time with positive people
    Remember there is always someone worse off than you!

  12. "I am open and receptive to all good"

    I'm not sure where i got this one from (possibly Louise Hay?), but I find myself repeating it all the time. It helps me to remember to look for the good in all situations.

  13. Hi!
    This is my first blog comment ever!

    I am re-reading 'You Can Heal Your Life' again!

    'I love and approve of myself just as I am now and all is well in my world" is my old one.

    My new one after attending a fabulous course a couple of weeks ago is:
    "Infinite Love and Gratitude" I send it to the situation (e.g. traffic lights) the person, (e.g. screaming distressed lady on the beach) and to myself. I trust that all is exactly as it should be and feel much better after repeating the saying a few times.

    Feels scary typing it but I am also trying to take more responsibility for myself and actions, e.g. where and what is my screaming distressed part trying to say to me (taking everything around me as a mirror).

    Absoloutely adore the butterfly photo - thank you for sharing the beauty.

    Loads of Infinite Love and Gratitude Eva X

  14. "Be yourself everybody else is taken" I'm not sure where I stole that from but I do try to repeat it often, especially when I am forever in trouble for seeing the good side or opposite point of view in every situation.
    I'm still learning at my age Kerry.
    Love Betty

  15. Thank you so much Eva, Sally and Betty for sharing your lovely affirmations too. Your first blog comment Eva, woo hoo! Love the infinite love and gratitude! Also loving the idea of being open and receptive to all good ... and just being yourself ... perfect!

    So I drew the competition on Thursday morning ... a highly scientific process involving screwed up pieces of paper with your names on and muscle testing ... and the winner is LYNN!!!

    Yay Lynn. I sent her a text to tell her and she is super excited and will claim her prize when she returns from the UK at the end of the month (when she'll also have her first Kinesiology session in a while!)

    Thanks so much for all the lovely entries and I'll post another competition soon. xx