Saturday, March 27, 2010

Doing the work

Talking about Kinesiology

I was talking to my Aunt this week and she asked about Kinesiology and the results people get. The process can be difficult to explain ... but often the results are quite amazing ... especially if you are 'willing to do the work'.

What does 'doing the work' mean?

This is what my Aunt asked. Mostly this is just being committed to yourself and willing to look at your stuff. Often when we want change, we want things around us to change. Usually what needs to change is us.

Changing ourselves (really?)

It turns out that changing ourselves (our attitudes, thoughts, the words we use, the way we respond to situations) is the one thing we actually have the power to do. Sigh.

Ironically, when we change ourselves - for example, from feeling like a victim to taking control of what we can do in a situation, from criticising ourselves to being gentle, from judging or ignoring our feelings to accepting ourselves - things around us seem to change too.

Getting to grips with commitment (to you!)

When you want to create change, it can mean finding one or more things that work for you and being prepared (within reason) to spend the time, money and energy to pursue them. Commitment! To you! Learning about yourself, your emotions, how they're impacting on you, subconscious attitudes that sabotage you, old fears ... and dissolving them.

This is the thing.

Lots of my clients are very smart. They often know a fair bit about what's going on for them. They think about things. Often they think about things around and around in circles to the extent that it exhausts them! And it doesn't get past that.

Kinesiology uses energetic techniques (the flower essences, tuning forks - sound, acupressure points, crystals, chakra work etc) to release the stress from your body. Phew! No wonder so many people say they feel lighter after a session.

Dad, I dug a hole!

It reminds me of the story of holes I wrote about last year. Focused effort will get a lot more results than scattered - 'I think I'll just try everything once' - efforts. Trying new things is great, however if you find that you're trying many different things and are still not feeling content or creating the changes you want ... it might be time to narrow your focus and really be prepared to go within.

As you probably already know, noone else can ever do it for you and jumping around from one thing to another can be just another form of resistance.

That's great. But I want things to change NOW ...

Well yes, that would be lovely. Louise Hay (my clients will already know that I love Louise!) talks about impatience as just another form of resistance.

'It is resistance to learning and to changing. When we demand that it be done right now, completed at once, then we don't give ourselves time to learn the lesson involved with the problem that we have created.

If you want to move to another room, you have to get up and move step by step in that direction. Just sitting in your chair and demanding that you be in the other room will not work.
It's the same thing.
We all want our problem to be over with, but we don't want to do the small things that will add up to the solution.'

Ok but how long does it taaaake?

It depends. Are you ready? Have you already done some work? Are you sort of happy to look at your stuff? In this case, sometimes dramatic results can be quickly achieved.

However if you're taking your first steps to address issues that have been with you for years and years ... there's probably no way around the fact that it could take time to look at some of that. It might be two steps forward, one step back. But it does get easier (plus more fun!)

And if my thing is Kinesiology?

With Kinesiology, 'doing the work' might involve weekly or fortnightly sessions for several months (possibly longer for issues that are acute or longstanding or if you're wanting to make some significant changes) but once things start to move forwards and feel more comfortable, many clients come monthly, give or take a week or so. If you have stuff to work through but you really just want it done, or want to skip straight to irregular appointments when crisis strikes, you might find your progress is a bit more sporadic.

Some clients who've been with me for six months or a year are now choose to come every six weeks for a top up ... they know that continuing to learn about yourself and clear stress that may be 'stuck' in the body is an investment ... you feel better able to handle the challenges life can throw at you ... and they continue to get great results over time. This is what I do too.

There can be a high cost in staying stuck (and when you know this, getting stuck again is kind of pointless).

And those issues that we refuse to deal with? They seem to keep popping up in different forms; we repeat old patterns and feel old emotions and don't seem to get much closer to understanding why, or moving forwards. And then when major life stresses occur, things can start to fall apart. We end up having to deal with our stuff. Or maybe it just spills out all over anyway.

You can only push things down for so long, it seems.

Why not make the choice to work on your stuff, rather than waiting until you feel like you have to?

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