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What can I work on in my Kinesiology session?

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Why Kinesiology?

Often you'll initially decide to see a Kinesiologist for a specific reason. You've tried other avenues for whatever issue/s you may have and you're ready for something new. Many people come to see me because a friend has suggested they give Kinesiology a try.

In my case, I'd been back in Australia from the UK for nearly a year and though everything was pretty much fine, I just couldn't settle. I looked into life coaching, decided to start yoga, and then, after picking up a flyer, made an appointment to try Kinesiology.

I can't remember much about that first session but it must have been pretty good - I've been hooked ever since!

So what can I work on?

I didn't have much idea about the range of things I could use Kinesiology for at that time. When I had another bought of depression a few months later (a cycle of feeling better-ish and then worse that went on for about - oh? 14 years?) and ended up discussing it with a doctor, who recommended anti-depressants, it didn't even occur to me to work on it with my Kinesiologist. What could she possibly do?

As luck would have it, I had an appointment already scheduled the next day and it really worked. I wrote about that here.

As it turns out, many clients who come to me are experiencing varying degrees of depression/ melancholy/ anxiety/ panic/ general flatness about things, and many do find there is soon a real shift. What next? It can be a real relief to all of a sudden think about what you'd like to work on or move forwards with, rather than simply feeling stuck where you are, and wanting to be rid of (insert issue)!

There are so many things that respond well to Kinesiology. Once you've dealt with whatever the surface issues are, it can be really useful to look at what's underneath.

Other things I've worked on successfully using Kinesiology:
* Back pain
* Teeth grinding
* Goal setting and removing subconscious sabotages
* Money stress
* Balancing hormones
* Detox support

A random selection of things my clients have had success with include:
* Hair loss
* Painful periods
* De-stressing events or situations
* Recurring throat pain
* Stomach pain that tests don't explain
* Unexplained weight gain
* Grief
* Knee, hip or other joint pain

If you're not sure, it can be helpful to create a list of things that are bothering you before your Kinesiology session. Then I can test to find out what is the priority to work on.

And as most of my Kinesiology clients know, you can otherwise just say ... 'Let's see what comes up...!'

Have you had a favourite session or 'ah-ha!' moment you can share? Any questions or tips to add?

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