Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My two words for 2010

I rather like the idea of choosing a couple of guiding words for my year and was rather inspired by Nadine's post about this, as well as Green Ink's, who I discovered because she wrote a lovely comment on my Duality post. So now for my words ...

Trust always seems to come up as an issue for me, particularly as I've started to take a less convential road with my career ...

I'm sure I'm not alone in liking to have some idea about what is going to happen in my life and so it has been unfamiliar territory to leave the security of a regular day job and take the risk to leap out on my own without a definite and secure plan in place. If I'd waited for that I never would have done anything! Why, I was even freaking out about this in my dreams towards the end of last year.

In this particular journey I do not have a road map and it seems the steps are being revealed to me gradually. It is testing my ability to trust ... and yet everything is unfolding perfectly, albeit not always as I'd expected.

The latest piece of the puzzle is that I am now able to work at Sakura Lounge every Tuesday and Thursday - more availability. Yay! No wonder my efforts to find another room were not coming to anything ... the universe knew that I could increase my hours right where I am if I just waited a little longer.

How am I to help my clients to achieve their dreams if I'm not prepared to take risks myself?

Some clients are curious as to why I would continue to see a Kinesiologist myself after a number of years. Basically - it gets amazing results. The type of results? They might change over time. Often people might start to see a Kinesiologist for particular issues. Once these are resolved there will inevitably be more layers to work through ... and then when things are going well ... Kinesiology is an amazing tool for working on goals and clearing any obstacles in your way.

And so what I want for this year is to continue to trust. To know that things are working out for the best, even if I don't understand it at the time.

Ahh ... joy!

The past few years have been a bit of a slog. Two years of full time work and study every second weekend ... and then in the third year, dropping a day of work and starting my business ... whilst still studying every second weekend to complete my diploma. Not to mention assignments, practice, study for never-ending exams. Lots of busyness, stress and reminders I needed to slow down. Phew. Am I glad that is over.

But this year ... it's all about the joy. Enjoying planning a wedding with my beautiful fiance, fun times with friends, trips away, lovely yoga, food and fitness ... and a sensible workload. Balance! There is always duality, but this year, I'm focusing on the joy where I can ...

What would your two words for 2010 be?

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