Friday, January 15, 2010

Facing fears head on

I just received this story from one of my clients. Totally love it. Published with her permission here. Totally speaks for itself.

Ugh! The Company Christmas Party!!!

After our business units Christmas Party saw me throwing a tantrum (hopefully not obvious to everyone), leaving early and crying myself to sleep, I was fearing a repeat performance only this time in front of a larger crowd. I was seriously considering pulling a sickie (not a good career move in my management position).

I am new to Kinesiology. After only a couple of visits to Kerry things were looking good but the process was a mystery to me. When Kerry asked if I’d like to work on the upcoming Christmas Party I leapt at the idea – I’d try anything – but could not understand how this process could have any impact on a specific event.

Kerry asked what would be the worst thing that could happen at the party. That was easy – a repeat of the last one. “What else” says Kerry. OK, so now I had to think a little more but rattled off another half dozen embarrassing, career limiting and depressing things that could happen. “What else” says Kerry again. I had plenty, so I continued. But when Kerry asked “What else” again, I had to say that was enough! What was this about? I’d been worrying about the party for weeks and now I had a whole heap of other scenarios that I hadn’t even thought about before now to worry about. Was going with blind faith in Kerry at this point...

I left Kerry feeling better - as always – but still not overly confident about the party. Still, a party is a good excuse to pamper and nothing lost there if I didn’t go. So it was off to the day spa and then the hairdressers.

Ok, ok, I’ll go! Repeating affirmations all day, I arrived at the venue, repeated them once more, took a deep breath, put on a smile and entered the crowd.

Always a good start when heads turn and compliments abound – let’s not tell them how long I spent pampering please... Turns out I had one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time! I would have been delighted to have just got through it without a drama. But I really had fun! Not one of the things I’d talked to Kerry about happened. Feeling I wouldn’t be able to connect to anyone at the function turned out to be quite the opposite! As was evident when the “official” photos were released – there I was, there I was again, and again... I’d found my confidence! I was back! Witty, funny, communicative with all types. I bounced around, quite the little socialite and then found that people were coming to find me to talk to!

In such a good mood, I continued on to the “after party” with a select crowd. I’d had two guys from work showing more attention than usual (if not at the Christmas party, then when...) Arriving at the after party venue, one of these guys had clearly arranged for security on the door to ask for my id. (I’m 41 years old – this works) and then had a waiter waiting with big fruity cocktail something. No – nothing happened; no office scandal here, but I was feeling like a princess! It was 4am before I headed for home – did I mention I was 41 years old...

I woke the next morning, rolled over, realising I should have done that slower for the benefit of my head and then remembering the night before, I giggled out loud!

I sent a text message to the friend that had recommended Kinesiology to me - “Kinesiology Rocks!”

I’m writing this story on Kerry’s recommendation. I was miserable last time I saw Kerry – the party was over and I had a new drama to deal with. It had all been going so well and then... What was wrong with me? I felt like I was going backwards. Apparently I’m just like Shrek, I’m like an onion with layers (as Kerry explain without the Shrek reference). I realise now that I’m just “moving” and throw at me what you will, but that is way better than staying stuck in a miserable world! I had a great night; I will have more, and then even more.

Thank you Kerry for helping me. Thank you universe for listening to me. All is well in my world.

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  1. I trust you have had many more fun nights, thankyou for your honest post it is very encouraging