Sunday, January 31, 2010

What can I work on in my Kinesiology session?

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Why Kinesiology?

Often you'll initially decide to see a Kinesiologist for a specific reason. You've tried other avenues for whatever issue/s you may have and you're ready for something new. Many people come to see me because a friend has suggested they give Kinesiology a try.

In my case, I'd been back in Australia from the UK for nearly a year and though everything was pretty much fine, I just couldn't settle. I looked into life coaching, decided to start yoga, and then, after picking up a flyer, made an appointment to try Kinesiology.

I can't remember much about that first session but it must have been pretty good - I've been hooked ever since!

So what can I work on?

I didn't have much idea about the range of things I could use Kinesiology for at that time. When I had another bought of depression a few months later (a cycle of feeling better-ish and then worse that went on for about - oh? 14 years?) and ended up discussing it with a doctor, who recommended anti-depressants, it didn't even occur to me to work on it with my Kinesiologist. What could she possibly do?

As luck would have it, I had an appointment already scheduled the next day and it really worked. I wrote about that here.

As it turns out, many clients who come to me are experiencing varying degrees of depression/ melancholy/ anxiety/ panic/ general flatness about things, and many do find there is soon a real shift. What next? It can be a real relief to all of a sudden think about what you'd like to work on or move forwards with, rather than simply feeling stuck where you are, and wanting to be rid of (insert issue)!

There are so many things that respond well to Kinesiology. Once you've dealt with whatever the surface issues are, it can be really useful to look at what's underneath.

Other things I've worked on successfully using Kinesiology:
* Back pain
* Teeth grinding
* Goal setting and removing subconscious sabotages
* Money stress
* Balancing hormones
* Detox support

A random selection of things my clients have had success with include:
* Hair loss
* Painful periods
* De-stressing events or situations
* Recurring throat pain
* Stomach pain that tests don't explain
* Unexplained weight gain
* Grief
* Knee, hip or other joint pain

If you're not sure, it can be helpful to create a list of things that are bothering you before your Kinesiology session. Then I can test to find out what is the priority to work on.

And as most of my Kinesiology clients know, you can otherwise just say ... 'Let's see what comes up...!'

Have you had a favourite session or 'ah-ha!' moment you can share? Any questions or tips to add?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My two words for 2010

I rather like the idea of choosing a couple of guiding words for my year and was rather inspired by Nadine's post about this, as well as Green Ink's, who I discovered because she wrote a lovely comment on my Duality post. So now for my words ...

Trust always seems to come up as an issue for me, particularly as I've started to take a less convential road with my career ...

I'm sure I'm not alone in liking to have some idea about what is going to happen in my life and so it has been unfamiliar territory to leave the security of a regular day job and take the risk to leap out on my own without a definite and secure plan in place. If I'd waited for that I never would have done anything! Why, I was even freaking out about this in my dreams towards the end of last year.

In this particular journey I do not have a road map and it seems the steps are being revealed to me gradually. It is testing my ability to trust ... and yet everything is unfolding perfectly, albeit not always as I'd expected.

The latest piece of the puzzle is that I am now able to work at Sakura Lounge every Tuesday and Thursday - more availability. Yay! No wonder my efforts to find another room were not coming to anything ... the universe knew that I could increase my hours right where I am if I just waited a little longer.

How am I to help my clients to achieve their dreams if I'm not prepared to take risks myself?

Some clients are curious as to why I would continue to see a Kinesiologist myself after a number of years. Basically - it gets amazing results. The type of results? They might change over time. Often people might start to see a Kinesiologist for particular issues. Once these are resolved there will inevitably be more layers to work through ... and then when things are going well ... Kinesiology is an amazing tool for working on goals and clearing any obstacles in your way.

And so what I want for this year is to continue to trust. To know that things are working out for the best, even if I don't understand it at the time.

Ahh ... joy!

The past few years have been a bit of a slog. Two years of full time work and study every second weekend ... and then in the third year, dropping a day of work and starting my business ... whilst still studying every second weekend to complete my diploma. Not to mention assignments, practice, study for never-ending exams. Lots of busyness, stress and reminders I needed to slow down. Phew. Am I glad that is over.

But this year ... it's all about the joy. Enjoying planning a wedding with my beautiful fiance, fun times with friends, trips away, lovely yoga, food and fitness ... and a sensible workload. Balance! There is always duality, but this year, I'm focusing on the joy where I can ...

What would your two words for 2010 be?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Facing fears head on

I just received this story from one of my clients. Totally love it. Published with her permission here. Totally speaks for itself.

Ugh! The Company Christmas Party!!!

After our business units Christmas Party saw me throwing a tantrum (hopefully not obvious to everyone), leaving early and crying myself to sleep, I was fearing a repeat performance only this time in front of a larger crowd. I was seriously considering pulling a sickie (not a good career move in my management position).

I am new to Kinesiology. After only a couple of visits to Kerry things were looking good but the process was a mystery to me. When Kerry asked if I’d like to work on the upcoming Christmas Party I leapt at the idea – I’d try anything – but could not understand how this process could have any impact on a specific event.

Kerry asked what would be the worst thing that could happen at the party. That was easy – a repeat of the last one. “What else” says Kerry. OK, so now I had to think a little more but rattled off another half dozen embarrassing, career limiting and depressing things that could happen. “What else” says Kerry again. I had plenty, so I continued. But when Kerry asked “What else” again, I had to say that was enough! What was this about? I’d been worrying about the party for weeks and now I had a whole heap of other scenarios that I hadn’t even thought about before now to worry about. Was going with blind faith in Kerry at this point...

I left Kerry feeling better - as always – but still not overly confident about the party. Still, a party is a good excuse to pamper and nothing lost there if I didn’t go. So it was off to the day spa and then the hairdressers.

Ok, ok, I’ll go! Repeating affirmations all day, I arrived at the venue, repeated them once more, took a deep breath, put on a smile and entered the crowd.

Always a good start when heads turn and compliments abound – let’s not tell them how long I spent pampering please... Turns out I had one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time! I would have been delighted to have just got through it without a drama. But I really had fun! Not one of the things I’d talked to Kerry about happened. Feeling I wouldn’t be able to connect to anyone at the function turned out to be quite the opposite! As was evident when the “official” photos were released – there I was, there I was again, and again... I’d found my confidence! I was back! Witty, funny, communicative with all types. I bounced around, quite the little socialite and then found that people were coming to find me to talk to!

In such a good mood, I continued on to the “after party” with a select crowd. I’d had two guys from work showing more attention than usual (if not at the Christmas party, then when...) Arriving at the after party venue, one of these guys had clearly arranged for security on the door to ask for my id. (I’m 41 years old – this works) and then had a waiter waiting with big fruity cocktail something. No – nothing happened; no office scandal here, but I was feeling like a princess! It was 4am before I headed for home – did I mention I was 41 years old...

I woke the next morning, rolled over, realising I should have done that slower for the benefit of my head and then remembering the night before, I giggled out loud!

I sent a text message to the friend that had recommended Kinesiology to me - “Kinesiology Rocks!”

I’m writing this story on Kerry’s recommendation. I was miserable last time I saw Kerry – the party was over and I had a new drama to deal with. It had all been going so well and then... What was wrong with me? I felt like I was going backwards. Apparently I’m just like Shrek, I’m like an onion with layers (as Kerry explain without the Shrek reference). I realise now that I’m just “moving” and throw at me what you will, but that is way better than staying stuck in a miserable world! I had a great night; I will have more, and then even more.

Thank you Kerry for helping me. Thank you universe for listening to me. All is well in my world.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Duality. Synchronicity. And Spotlights.

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The beginning

I mentioned ages ago that my boyfriend and I originally met on a tram. This is not technically true. We saw each other on the tram. We both happened to get off at Federation Square. As we both walked along Swanston St he casually turned to me and said, 'How are you going?'

It was in such a casual way I assumed I must know him already. I turned and realised I didn't. 'Oh! I'm fine, how are you?'

We chatted about how busy it was in the city due to the Commonwealth Games and when we got to the corner of Little Collins st (a few blocks away) I said, 'Ok well I'm going down here so see you later,' and turned away.

'Hey,' he said. I turned back. 'Do you want to go for a drink sometime?'

'Oh? Ok.'

I sent a text message to numerous friends instantly, 'Some random guy just asked me out on the street. I think he was cute. I said yes!'

So that was how it began.

A few weeks ago Laurence and I were heading out to dinner in the city. He was running a bit late and so was I and I didn't think anything of it when he sent a message saying 'can you just meet me at the corner of Swanston and Little Collins'.

You probably know what happened next.

So we got there and chatted about the day. I had bought myself a necklace (go sportsgirl) and that created a nice segue for Laurence who had also bought me a necklace ... he put it on. And asked me to marry him!!! And I said yes!

The fact we then went straight to a shoe store to replace the shoes I was wearing for the first time as both heel tips had fallen off only added to the charm of the night.

It doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect.

We both had the most exciting evening ever, beaming, drinking moet, ringing our families. We had a reservation at il bacaro, our favourite restaurant and when the maitre de overhead me telling my sister (she screamed!) there was more French champagne. We could barely eat and our faces are completely illuminated in the photos we have of the night. The waiters kept commenting on how happy we looked.

So. Much. Joy!!!

This is not the end of my story.

Two days later we were to drop our friend at the airport. We'd agreed to go to a cafe nearby to us for breakfast first and when Laurence did a u-turn in the opposite direction I reminded him of our plan.

'No' he said, decisively. 'We're going to Albert Park.' Laurence kind of loves Albert Park but it is unlike him to override the opinion of two other people.

As we drove there we passed a tram stop. An older man had clearly just collapsed and passersby were trying to assist. We pulled over. I don't know how this happened but somehow we ended up in the centre of it. By coincidence, I had just done my CPR update two weeks previously.

Like most people, I never thought I'd use it.

We did all the checks. No breathing. No heart rate that we could detect. He was already quite blue. I started compressions and there was some kind of sign of life. We put him back in recovery. I somehow then ended up on the phone. Someone had called 000 but was getting frustrated. It was all kind of hysterical.

The lady on the phone snapped me back into line and from there it was all 'you need to take control, listen to me, say this, tell them to do that, check this'. Another guy had come along and did the CPR and Laurence held the man's head and later told me he was saying prayers for him and doing his best interpretation of the last rites (he is Catholic).

This went on for twenty minutes. Finally two ambulances and a fire truck arrived and then there was defibrilation, oxygen, machines, adrenaline, everything. After twenty minutes more we had to leave - there was certainly nothing further we could do and we needed to get to the airport.

I would like to tell you there's a happy end to the story.

And we all lived happily ever after.

That is not what happened. The man died.

So far I've gone from laughing to crying in this blog post, hopefully you're faring better than me!

I want to tell you what we learnt.

The same force that created that happy synchronous event of Laurence and I meeting is the same force that brought us to that man. I believe it was his time to leave this lifetime. I believe we were meant to be there. Doing what we did but also bringing our energy to the situation.

We later found out the man was Italian (Laurence's father is Italian) and Catholic.

We refuse to see the event as a bad thing or unlucky or anything else. To torture ourselves with what ifs. If it were meant to be different, it would have been. It was enormously distressing but we talk about it, and intend to use the experience positively and to celebrate the joy of life when we can. As we all know through our various different experiences, we never know what's around the corner.

I have learnt it is possible to hold great joy and sadness in your heart at the same time. The sadness did not dim the joy but we did need to move through it, and spoke to many people to help this process.

That weekend it was like life turned the spotlight on full beam and there it was, the duality of life.

Synchronicity surrounds us if we care to pay attention

Soon after this all happened, I bought a new book, Invisible Acts of Power by Caroline Myss. I truly believe that life brings the experiences and the support we need at the time we need it. She explains her belief about the way life and synchronicity work and it closely reflects my own:

Each of us is meant to follow a particular path that reveals itself to us.

We are meant to treat our life as a journey, and at each step along that journey, we are meant to notice what is around us and act on opportunities that present themselves.

How we act - the decisions we make when we face opportunities or challenges - helps us to develop inner strength. This is how we become empowered human beings.

If we ignore everything around us, if we cover over our senses with a cloud of indifference, we'll miss the coincidences and synchronicities that signal where we are to go and what we are to do.

We have to recognise, accept and respond gratefully to these synchronicities. Becoming conscious of help that we are offered and willing to use it increases our power.

What about you, is there anything you might take from this story?