Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thinking about reflecting on 2009

Image: City Refraction, City Reflection by Irargerich

Totally the time to be doing end of year reflections. Yes I am thinking about it. Not yet at the action stage but these posts have helped ... give them a read and you might get inspired too...

I'll share the results of my reflections in the coming weeks ...

The Art of Noncomformity business review - Chris has been writing about his annual review process. He devoted two weeks to it this year!

Back to the source with guided remembrance - Lovely post about dealing with busyness with two great podcasts

What's your trajectory? Ok so you're busy, but are you just filling your time or moving towards something?

Annual review: Reflection and setting goals for the new year - includes a helpful Word doc you can print off for your own reflections

Victoria Shmoria's quitting the man update - Victoria shares her reflections on her first 46 days with no boss

That time of year - Jess wrote a lovely post with her reflections on the year.

Any tips on reflecting on your year? Do you have a process? Can you share any great links?

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