Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thinking about reflecting on 2009

Image: City Refraction, City Reflection by Irargerich

Totally the time to be doing end of year reflections. Yes I am thinking about it. Not yet at the action stage but these posts have helped ... give them a read and you might get inspired too...

I'll share the results of my reflections in the coming weeks ...

The Art of Noncomformity business review - Chris has been writing about his annual review process. He devoted two weeks to it this year!

Back to the source with guided remembrance - Lovely post about dealing with busyness with two great podcasts

What's your trajectory? Ok so you're busy, but are you just filling your time or moving towards something?

Annual review: Reflection and setting goals for the new year - includes a helpful Word doc you can print off for your own reflections

Victoria Shmoria's quitting the man update - Victoria shares her reflections on her first 46 days with no boss

That time of year - Jess wrote a lovely post with her reflections on the year.

Any tips on reflecting on your year? Do you have a process? Can you share any great links?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We won't run

There is far to go now
Let's not waste a minute more

But oh that our eyes will be open
Oh that our eyes will be open
Oh that our eyes will be open
Oh that our eyes will be open

I just love this video clip from Sarah Blasko - magical.

This post from Jonathan Fields includes 37 other fantastic videos if you're looking for inspiration - check some of them out! I enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert and Tony Robbins :)