Monday, November 30, 2009


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Do you remember your dreams? A few years ago I saw a Clairvoyant who told me in a previous life I'd lived in Ancient Greece (or was it Egypt?) and interpreted the dreams of powerful leaders. Now I don't know if that's true or not and it barely matters ... but I do know that in recent years I've started to have dreams that are rich in symbolism, particularly in times of change.
Quite often the explanation comes as I awaken but this one didn't need too much interpretation ...

I was in a large house seeing clients ... and I knew I had to keep moving as my next client was ready for me. As I moved off to meet them I realised I was at the top of a series of huge steps suspended in the air. They were widely spaced.

To move between the steps I had to wait for a trapeze, jump onto it and then time my jump off to land on the next step and then repeat the whole process.

I was outraged.

There was a powerful lady with me (the owner of the house in my dream but I guess it was one of my guides?) and I turned to her.

"WHAT is going on? WHY do we have to take the trapeze? It is RIDICULOUS!" I told her.

"It's not SAFE!! You need to make it SAFE!"

She replied:

"Kerry, it is perfectly safe. But the more you worry about it, the more unsafe it becomes."

And as I trapezed between the steps, I realised she was right. The only times I stumbled were when I doubted.

When I just did it without thinking too much, it was easy.

What about you? Any interesting dreams to share?

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