Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thinking it out? Forget it!

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I was talking to my sister the other night. I mentioned I was busily thinking and planning about next year ... in fact, I was saying that I probably should be thinking about it a whole lot more. That would be the sensible thing to do.

My sister is doing a yoga teaching course at the moment.

She said in a recent class they did a walking meditation on the beach, with the objective being to focus on the walking and just 'be'.

She mentioned to the teacher that she likes walking because it helps her think and the teacher said ... we believe we are solving things by thinking them through ... in reality, whether we spend a lot of time and energy thinking about an issue or not ... life tends to sort itself out ... so we might as well let go of the need to intensely obsess and worry (oops, I mean think!) about things.

We confuse thinking with wisdom, 'working things out' with trusting, worrying with connecting to our inner knowing.

This is coming up for some of my clients at the moment too ... Sweet Chestnut is a Bach Flower remedy that helps dissolve highly strung mental processes. If you're a worrier/thinker, why not try reading the affirmation:

I make the commitment to kindly, gently, lovingly, and supportively trust in a higher power, accept greater capacity and grow in consciousness, beyond self made definitions and boundaries.

Ask yourself:

How might trusting in a higher power feel for me?
What self made boundaries and limitations am I placing on myself?
How might it feel to grow in consciousness and accept greater capacity?

But don't think it through ... just allow these questions to settle and take a moment to notice where it is in your body that you feel your sense of inner knowing. Feel don't think. Ohhh.

It can sometimes feel a bit, I don't know, annoying to come back to similar issues, things you think you should know ... whatever they might be for you. Nadine writes about this beautifully on her blog. The truth is ... we all have stuff, we're all working on our stuff, and really ... it's totally fine :)


  1. I have tried the walking meditation and have found it quite grounding. I feel like I get intouch with all my senses, and become more aware of the beauty of my surroundings.

  2. Hi Kerry,

    I love the blog, I guess we know that we are on the right track if we are feeling good. I like the idea of the walking meditation. I will have to give it a go.