Thursday, August 6, 2009

Patterns, signs, yep I'm noticing!

I have had a couple of experiences recently to remind me that perhaps I need to slow down a little. Of course I know this *theoretically* but it is not something I naturally do.

First of all, my brother got engaged! How exciting. A surprise to noone but me apparently. Of course I knew it would happen sometime but everyone else predicted it would happen on their holiday. Now I do live in a different state to my family however when I expressed my surprise my Mum said, 'well you are probably too busy to notice these things Kerry.' Oh.

The following day Laurence rang me around 10am. Now I did observe he left the apartment rather early but when he said 'Hi honey, I've arrived' my response was the ever so astute, 'Oh? Where are you?'


I have plenty of very good reasons for my distractability. The afternoon before I travelled to Geelong for a presentation and got home just in time to log onto an online conference for work that went until 9:30. And then there's the ever present pressure of weekend study. But really. We can all find reasons to be busy.

If you have sessions over a period of time you will often notice recurring themes. It might be self esteem, communication, confidence, judgement of self or others ... for me it is that busyness and the confusion and disconnection that you ultimately create if you can't allow yourself to just be.

Surprise surprise, it is the reason I went to a Kinesiologist in the first place. In one session I've had this issue went back to between lifetimes (yes a little wacky, even for me!) I just wanted to hurry up and get started!

Sometimes we know but we don't really pay attention. Nadine wrote about this on her lovely yoga blog today. She talks about the messages her pain were giving her. In my case it's more about the messages my crazy busy lifestyle are giving me.

This is one reason I have been so drawn to Kinesiology. It always brings me back to myself. It helps me connect to my own wisdom. And whenever I am in clinic I am completely focused, centred and at peace.

And one big difference for me? Previously noticing this pattern could have been a reason to get completely upset and annoyed at myself. Now I just notice and do something about it. A much nicer experience. Havi has a whole series of posts on not hating on yourself.

I will be completely done with study at the end of this month (yipee I can't wait) but I'm really mindful that I don't want to fill the new space in my life with more busyness.

I wrote a while ago about doing the Signs and Synchronicity yoga morning intensive. And - hello sign! I found out that Andrew's doing another one next week. This time it's Progress on the Path. 'Especially for those who want to get BACK on the path'.

Ok, bring it on!


  1. Love the story about "where are you?"


    Just a little aside, I do think that you're connected to the now- from an outsiders perspective. Perhaps so much that some things do slip you by, such as when someone will get engaged. I think it's great that you didn't pre-empt an engagement! A very honest blog, thanks.

  2. A lovely post Kerry and a reminder to me to be present and slow down. It's so easy to forget isn't it?

  3. Slowing down, taking time to smell the roses.
    Sounds like a great idea particularly once you finish your study.

    Love M

  4. Thank you for your comments ... you're right Kate it is easy to forget. I'm having a lovely slow day today, nothing but relaxing and socialising ...