Monday, August 3, 2009

Making Space

I'm decluttering! I'm doing this lovely 6 week e-course with Goddess Leonie and Lisa. It's called Making Space for your Goddess to Shine. I've never done an e-course before so it's kind of fun seeing how it all works.

Each week I get these cute books and worksheets to download and sometimes a meditation track or whatever. It's really nice having a mental focus and I definitely like the idea of making my home a space that works perfectly for me.

There are some nice floaty Goddessy bits to the course and some clean-up, tidy-up, clear-out, de-clutter type things.

I am better at the Goddess stuff.

Make an altar? Yay! Look at Feng Shui? Of course. Burn Grandfather sage (a smudge stick) throughout the house - I'd love to.

It makes such a difference too, the whole smudging thing. Definitely try it if you haven't before. So it's the sage leaves all kind of tied up with string and you just light it and I guess think clearing thoughts as you take it around the house.

Everyone commented how clean the house was. I told Laurence I'd smudged the house. He assumed it was some kind of new cleaning product along the lines of Mr Sheen.

So I'm less good at the actual de-cluttering.

Actually I was ok at the reflective parts. Why I'm holding onto things, what I want to create space for, that kind of thing. The fluffy side of de-cluttering. The non-actually-decluttering part.

Don't get me wrong, I'm quite tidy. Especially on the surface. Just don't try to look in my wardrobe (uh - kind of overflowing) or expect that I will immediately locate some essential stationery item like a stapler.

I promise I'll work on it, there's still a few weeks to go :)


  1. Hee hee! I totally adore your precious writings about the course hon! I so love hearing your experience of it. And I *totally* giggled about smudging being the new Mr Sheen ;)
    And as you can expect - I'm better at the goddess stuff than the practical stuff too... and have learned so much about Lisa about simplifying and decluttering... but *totally* at my own pace. For me it's as simple now as when I'm trying to create and feeling stuck - looking around me and seeing how my environment is affecting me. Usually if I have piles of paper towering around me, I feel more stuck. And once they are cleared? Woah, funny that, I feel much clearer too!
    Gigantic hugs to you and deepest blessings on your journey,
    love Goddess Leonie

  2. oh i saw this on your twitter but i saw it too late and missed out, i hope there is something like it again soon!!

    i think i would be better at the actually de-cluttering hehe

  3. Oh Kate! They're offering it as an ongoing course now, you can click on the icon on my side bar to go sign up. If you sign up to Leonie's newsletter she sometimes has 10% off too (I found out after but still, good to know!) It's been really fun but I'm a little behind now. That's funny that you'd be better at the de-cluttering!
    And thanks for your comments Goddess Leonie, great advice too :)

  4. And as an update - I got home this week after a few days travelling ... and Laurence had smudged the house! Bless.