Saturday, August 15, 2009

Keeping it simple

I have never really been much of a goal setter. What do I really want? What if I change my mind?

However I can see the value in goals and I've read all books and articles about the people who write their goals down being a gazillion times more likely to achieve them. In fact I have done this in the past and have been amazed to read back and see some of the things that have happened.

But it can be complicated and a bit messy to think about it all and I love the idea of a bigger, inspiring, overarching goal sitting over the top.

That's why I really liked the post on Zen Habits called really simple goal setting.

Now I haven't fully taken Leo's advice yet but he recommends reducing any goals you might have to one and turning that into a 2 - 5 word mantra. He gives you five steps for the process but breaks it down to '1) choosing a goal and creating a mantra for it; and 2) focusing on shorter-term actions to make that goal a reality.' So that means just choosing one action a day. I can totally do that!

As a starting point, I think my goal is: Integrate my passions. Does anyone else want to have a go?


  1. Hey Miss Kerry!

    I thought it would be nice to share a funny little story from over the weekend. After writing my goal (still not perfect but something about business and creativity meeting in the middle), the next day I got a call from a lovely organic bakery around the corner about me having a mini exhibition of my artwork there. Now this scares me greatly - a. putting my stuff in public and b. getting it all organised with two weeks to go, but I thought it was quite apt timing for "creativity and energy through business". Especially since I gave them my business card in January and it took until now for them to call (synchronicity? Me thinks YES!). x

  2. Yay Jess, I love it! So which bakery anyway, so everyone can visit? You're not only bringing creativity and energy to your own business, but also that of the bakery. Bonus!