Friday, August 21, 2009

Dust on the mirror

So my yoga intensive last week was divine. And it did help me to get back on the path. Definitely some hippy and confronting moments. Staring into another person's eyes for five minutes ... someone you don't know ... is definitely an experience and following that with a five minute hug (if you feel like pulling back ... keep going!) can feel a little uncomfortable ...
The point?
We easily see the differences in others. And yet here they are, in our lives and on their own path with their own challenges ... and there is far more that is similar between us than different.
It's about noticing. Paying attention.
It reminds me of the story Kate shares on Everyday Calm. A world famous violinist played in a busy metro in Washington for one hour. He made $32. 6 people stopped to watch. The previous night he sold out a concert with tickets averaging $100.
What are we missing because we don't take the time to stop ... look ... and listen. Well, in my case, plenty.
Kate over at The Monday Project just wrote about the calm she's currently experiencing since she recently simplified her life and started paying attention to the little things. Inspiring!
What stops us from experiencing peace? Andrew described the three malas as the 'dust that clouds the mirror to our true reflection' and we spent time on the intensive looking at each one and how to move forwards when they're blocking your path. What are they?
Anava - sadness, a feeling of lack, unworthiness. Address with 'bhakti' - devotion to something bigger than yourself.
Mayiya - anger, separation, difference conflict, hatred. Work through this with self and spiritual study. Learning.
Karma - fear, anxiety, not being able to accomplish. Deal with this by taking action ... even small action.
What's holding you back from moving forwards on your path? What can you do right now to get moving again?
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  1. Oh i love the new newsletter! And a surprise seeing my name hehe

    This must have been so great! Your yoga intensive I mean, intense... but great! What a great thing to do. I really like what you said about taking action, even small action, to help dispel anxiety... that's totally what I need to get better at!!

  2. I thought your activity in the yoga intensive sounds interesting,if not a bit uncomfortable but a good example of paying attention to others.
    The photos of kakadu are amazing.