Saturday, July 18, 2009


Last week I had to do a presentation for a conference, something I do semi-regularly. I always present on the same kinds of things - using online technologies, including blogging, for education.

But I was nervous.

There were a few rational reasons for this. For one it was a national conference. I even ignored the first couple of emails requesting that I present since it sounded a bit too intimidating! But in the end I was talked into it. Also, I hadn't presented in while so I thought maybe that's why I was a little anxious.

Anyway, with a half an hour to go before I had to leave the office I decided (last resort!) to listen to a free meditation track from Havi. Give it a listen!

You go through this process of imagining your brain as a computer and looking at the programs it's running for eg worry and then stopping them and changing the program.

So anyways, it probably all sounds a bit woo woo and meanwhile I was only half paying attention as I was trying to work at the same time.

Then, at around minute 14, right after we looked at self doubt and dissolving that, I felt a whole lot calmer. I suddenly knew I had to check my presentation.

It had completely corrupted!!!

Half the pages were deleted and big red cross marks where images had been on others. I have never seen anything like it. And just enough time to save another copy and get going. Anyway, presentation is here if you're interested. All a little bizarre.

So, what about you? Any stories of being saved by your intuition lately? Please share!


  1. hey what a great meditation! i was totally stressed and anxious about going to my new job today, without any real good reason so i gave it a listen and it really helped to calm me down :)

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness that is so exciting! Yay you. Congratulations on starting your new job, how did your first day finish up? :)

  3. Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for the comment on SS blog!

    All is fine here in NZ. Very different way of life but getting into the flow...

    Hope your neck is not giving you too much jip.

    How are things? Email me! :)