Tuesday, July 7, 2009

But, is it a sign?

The external world is remarkably consistent, and yet we blame it for what's going on inside of us. People who think the world is going to end always manage to find a new thing that's going to cause it to end.

People itching to be bummed out all day long will certainly find an external event that give their emotion some causal cover. The thinking happens long before the event that we blame the thinking on.

How true is this! Go to Seth's blog to read more. Isn't it interesting that we are always looking to change the world around us. It's our situation that needs to change, other people, certain events. I talked about that a bit here.

What are you feeling now?

Nurture your feelings and be aware ... you are probably going to create events today that support how you're feeling right now.

But, is it a sign?, originally uploaded by Erik Charlton.

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  1. True Kerry,

    We choose our response to everything that surrounds us. It is entirely in our power.

    We have capacity for great change!