Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finding Happiness

How easy is it to find happiness? What is it that you really need? I love this talk from Dan Gilbert. Here are some of his suggestions for achieving happiness ...

  • accrue wealth, power and prestige and lose it
  • spend as much of your life as you can in prison
  • make someone else really, really rich
  • never, ever join the beatles

You might have to watch the talk to get it!

On a similar theme, I liked what Chris Guillebeau wrote about all the things you don't need to be happy on his blog today. I particularly love the four things he says you do need. Especially the two answers. What are yours?

  • You need passion. You need to be absolutely passionate about what you believe in. If you don’t feel passionate about something, chances are you haven’t discovered it yet. Keep looking.
  • You need a vision and a task. The vision tells you where you are going; the task tells you what to do next.
  • You need the two answers. What do you really want to get out of life? How can you help others in a way that is unique to you?
  • You need commitment to stay the course. Most people give up at 5,000 hours; the winners continue to 10,000 and beyond. I liked what Seth said about the 3,000 posts he’s written: the first 2,500 were the hardest.

Go read the rest! Do you agree? What do you think is necessary for happiness? I would say love is most important for me ... or at least self acceptance. I'm not so sure about the vision and task ... especially the task, it sounds like work! I'll need to reflect on that some more. Certainly a sense of a higher purpose or destiny helps ... interestingly that has been coming up for a lot of clients recently.

The thing that I'm learning is that it's not always tied to what you're doing. It's so easy to get stuck on thinking 'I need to know my purpose' or 'I'll feel happy when ...' or whatever. Maybe your purpose is doing what you're doing right now in the most beautiful way possible! And you're missing it because you're too busy worrying about it!


  1. Great post Kerry! I completely agree with Chris Guillebeau's four things and your point that self acceptance matters above everything else.

    I went to the Meditate09 conference on the weekend which was great and there was so much talk about how it's what's on the inside that matters...something we all know but we need to keep hearing it.

  2. Oh how lovely, I've never been to that conference, I'm sure it was amazing. And you're right, often we 'know' but need to keep hearing it. One of my colleagues once said to me 'to know and not to do is not to know'. Apparently it's a daoist saying. Interesting!