Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Base Chakra

The base chakra is red and located at the base of your spine ... it relates to issues of survival, safety and security and this includes our relationship to our family (or 'tribe'), money, work, housing and other life essentials. With a strong base chakra you generally feel secure and supported and can put in the hard work required to make your dreams a reality. It is about feeling grounded - essential to everything else in life!

  • Do I feel in control of my life?
  • Do I feel grounded?
  • How is my home life? Do I feel safe, secure and happy at home?
  • How are my finances?
  • Am I creating what I want in my life?

You might like to choose one or more that jumps out at you and reflect on or write your responses. Then slowly and mindfully work through each of these asanas, with five breaths in each. They have a grounding effect. Pictures if needed.


  • Mountain pose (tadasana) - stand tall with feet parallel
  • High lunge (alana) - one foot is forward in a lunge position and hands above the head
  • Chair pose (ukatasana) - hands are upwards and parallel and knees bent into seated position
  • Tree pose (vrksasana) - sole of one foot rests on the inner leg (lower down is easier, higher up is harder) and hands are in prayer pose
  • Warrior pose III (virabhadrasana III) - kind of like a plane. Arms out to side and one foot outstretched behind you


Sitting with legs crossed. Arms are held in front of body as if holding a large box from the sides. Palms should be facing towards each other and elbows bent at 60 degrees. Focus eyes on tip of nose.

Chant ‘Hummee hum’ whilst at the same time moving the hands in a chopping motion towards each other and slightly down. Chant ‘Brahm hum’ whilst doing a second chopping motion, bringing the hands almost to touching. Continue for several minutes.

Mantra meaning: ‘Hummee hum brahm hum’ means ‘we are we and we are one’ (we are already everything we need to be).

Allow yourself to sit in silence for several minutes reflecting on your original question. See what comes.

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  1. Oh I love this! Thanks for the guidance, it's just what I've been needing. I can't wait to give it a a try, and I'll be sure to let you know how I go! :)

    Have a great weekend!