Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surrendering to emotion

Emotion, originally uploaded by BdwayDiva1.

'When you surrender and welcome any emotion that is present within you, something magical happens and suddenly it has the ability to pass through you.

It is only when you resist and fight against a mood or emotion, or think it shouldn't be there, that it gains power and the feelings intensify'

The best year of your life, Debbie Ford

Sometimes when we experience challenges we can think that there is strenth in resisting how we feel. How are you? Oh fine. It's not really that bad. I don't mind. I'm going to push through and just get over it ... I'm being POSITIVE!!!

Often in clinic, I find that people underestimate how much stress is affecting them. Rate it out of ten? Oh about 6. Really, that's interesting, your body says 9/10.

This is something I do myself. I remember when I started seeing my Kinesiologist and it 'came up' that I only thought it was ok to feel happy emotions and thought I should feel positive all the time. I was like, 'yes. That's exactly what I think.' Although I had some inkling this wasn't logical, I wasn't yet ready to realise that there are no bad emotions - and that by acknowledging and allowing them, they in fact lose power over you!

We don't always 'hear' the message our body/subconscious is telling us at the time, this is why I often say ... just see if something comes to you later.

It wasn't until I started studying Kinesiology myself that I noticed that some people were comfortable really exploring their 'weak spots', powerful emotions (not always the happy ones!) or the 'monsters under the bed that get bigger because you don't want to look at them' (as our lecturer used to say). They were getting amazing results and moving forwards. By confronting their pain, they were transforming. I started to get it.

Denial of your emotions is not equivalent to strength.


  1. Great post kerry, and where are all your ace photos from? xx

  2. Hey Jess ... I get them from I go to the creative commons photos (which you can use with attribution) and search there. There are millions of pics so I always find something I like. If you're logged in, you can just click on the photo and then the icon that says 'blog this'. My blog is hooked up to flickr (clever technology!) so I can just type in what I want to write in flickr and publish from there (and then edit it later directly from the blog). The link saying who took the photo comes with it automatically. Does this make sense lovely? xx

  3. oh this is a great post. you blog always leaves me feeling hopeful, but this post was just what i needed to read today. so thanks :)

  4. Hi Kerry,

    I love Debbie Ford. When I get to NZ I am actually thinking about doing her Spiritual Divorce training so I can use it in my coaching business. They want a NZ trained coach.

    I have just awarded you an Awe-Summm Award for having an awesome blog. Go check out my blog so you can join in the fun!