Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Pond - a metaphor for meditation

I'm kind of interested in meditation but isn't it just sitting quietly and thinking and what is the point of that anyway??

We had this discussion at Book Club when talking about 'Eat, Pray, Love' and it reminded me of the metaphor of 'The Pond' by Wayne Dyer, as explained in 'Your Sacred Self'. I love Wayne Dyer and have been reading his books since I was about 15 ... here is my interpretation.

So, The Pond.

Level One: The Surface

So this is where all the disturbances are ... the wind churns, the leaves mess, the rain pelts, the storms cause it to be violent. It's the 'chatter'. The mind reminding of all the stuff we need to remember and do and think about (almost like it will make a difference). Money, deadlines, health, work, appointments, family, holidays, arguments, movies you want to see, your cough, your car ... the daily stuff of life that flickers across your mind. No problems with any of it but totally exhausting to live here all the time (and a bit dull too). This is the stuff we think about because we think we don't have a choice. You totally do. Let's go deeper.

Level Two: Just Below the Surface

Yep you've let the chatter behind. And now you're analysing. Why did that happen, what was the reason, why does he/she think that way???? Oh you're such a thinker, and so deep. I get a bit stuck here sometimes. At this level you are constantly observing, commenting on and judging everything that happens. You know that if you can figure things out you will totally be able to relax. Only you never quite get to that point. Ok so stop trying to work it all out for a sec and let's try the next layer.

Level Three: Well Below the Surface

Now things are actually starting to get a bit more relaxing. Rather than analysing, you're starting to piece things together. The pattern is emerging, connections are taking place and things are beginning to make sense. You know you can't figure it all out ... but somehow that isn't important anymore and you're happy to just be with it all. Ahhh (in a good way).

Level Four: Stillness in Bliss

The thoughts are starting to slow right down and awareness is taking their place. You feel more silent and quiet and joy starts to come in. Oh ... so this is meditation! All the chatter, analysing and even the coming together of everything is left behind ... you just are.

Level Five: The Field of All Possibilities

Beneath all of that is the experience of everything and nothing and finding what is at the centre of your being.
Image: Rainbow Over Pond, originally uploaded by Frazzled Jen.


  1. Hello Kerry, I do so agree, thoughts are replaced by an awareness or rather, a knowing and things magically come together. I love achieving this state in a balance, probably why I became a practioner so I can give others this experience.

  2. You're so right Benita, that magical 'coming together' is quite common in a Kinesiology balance/session. We're lucky to have the opportunity to see people create that knowing out of chaos! Thanks for commenting - I went to check out your website, looks great :)

  3. I love just being in a meditation. You just's so lovely this floating feeling.