Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh That Body Language!

Oh That Body Language!, originally uploaded by malias.

I'm going to a yoga intensive with Andrew at Divine Grace in the mornings this week and the theme is synchronicity ...

After doing a series of quite hippy exercises and yoga postures with a partner to develop and show trust we started to share something about ourselves.

Turns out my partner had the same star sign ... and birth DATE and the same occupation. Well at least - she is a teacher and I used to be.

Isn't it funny how when you start to look for synchronicity it's everywhere.

I'm still amazed that I met my boyfriend (who I've never known to take public transport in the three years I've known him) on a tram. Why that day, that time, that tram?


  1. Divine Timing..... When you're truely meant to walk (or ride) your path with someone, it just happens. A lovely reminder that the people we bring into our lives are a perfect reflection of parts of ourself.

    (PS. The universe definatly got its pairing right.)

  2. The funny thing was, when Laurence spoke to me it was in such a familiar way it was like he knew he'd 'found' me. It was like, 'oh, there you are ... I knew we'd journey together this lifetime'! Thanks for your comment :)