Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simple things

I decided to go looking for a teapot yesterday because I was meeting up with Yvonne and I really felt like tea. I'm not usually much of a tea drinker but I've also got some lovely tea leaves my friend Elena brought me back from her recent sojourn to Japan so a teapot is clearly needed.

Yesterday I started talking about my need for a teapot at work. Where on earth do you buy a teapot? Jo suggested Craft Victoria and whilst their teapots are divine, they are really pieces of artwork so not really in my price/need range. The nearest Tea Too store is blocks away (maybe 5) and yesterday was freezing so I turned back after two.

So much for commitment to my teapot.

When I got back to work Jo asked what kind of teapot I want (who knows? What kinds are there? A pretty one?) and told me she actually has five. Including one nice red one that she never uses and did I want it. Oh my goodness, yes I do!

So she brought it today and here is my new teapot and my lovely Japanese tea. I am so happy!

And you've got to love a boyfriend who, when he witnesses you lining up a mobile phone shot of a teapot says, hang on a sec, I'll get you some light!!

All I need now is a strainer so I'm not drinking leaves along with the tea.

* Clearly I didn't have a teapot last night. So Yvonne and I had a 'tea bag' tea and then went to the Exchange for a couple of glasses of vino instead :)


  1. Lovely tea bag tea that it was and lovely to actually put a face to a blog!

    At least I know that when I get back from NZ (if I come back here to Melbourne) I will always have a place to come and get tea made in a lovely pot!!!

  2. Kerry my comment disappeared! Site looking awesome, as is that loverly tea pot. I also have a collection of them... loose tea, like chamomile, makes me sooo happy. xx j

  3. Hello lovely ladies, thanks for your comments and you're both welcome round for a 'proper' tea anytime. Ooh, where do you get your teapots from Jess? Maybe I can start a collection too...!

    Yes it was lovely to meet you Yvonne and I'm sure the allure of Melbourne will bring you back from NZ eventually! xx

  4. That tea pot is gorgeous. I drink a lot of tea but I think tea is for two, it always tastes better when you have it with someone else. Have you tried Buddha tears? If not then get on board, they're great.

  5. What kind of tea is buddha tears? Is that the one you get from Byron Bay? Kelly brought me over some chai tea from T-Bar in Adelaide so I can't wait to try that too. Yes tea is definitely better with two xx