Friday, March 27, 2009

Stories we tell ourselves

I was inspired by this post by Yvonne today, here's part of it...

We all carry around a story by which our lives are defined:
-I'm like this because...(enter story)
-It's all because I was...(enter story)
-I do things this way because...(enter story)
-I'll never be...because...(enter story)
-People don't like me because...(enter story)

It's true that we love our stories! In fact when I had a Kinesiology session of my own last week I broke into a bit of a 'story' to explain something or other and the Kinesiologist said 'I don't want the story, I want the truth!'

I was using a story as avoidance without even realising. Talk about a shock!

Breaking free of the story can bring a lot of freedom and I'm grateful I was confronted about it. Yvonne has a great exercise on her site I want to try - check it out!

My friend Jas picked up a great quote from a workshop she did, 'Is that true, or is it just a story you tell yourself?'

What stories are you telling yourself?


  1. Since doing that workshop I now pick myself up whenever I say things like "I've never" or "I'm not good at".. 7 Path's is a great workshop if you get a chance to do it!