Monday, March 23, 2009

Poetry at PicLits

PicLit from
See the full PicLit at

So this is where my world's collide ... I shared this site, amongst other things (PicLits, not my blog!) at an eLearning conference I spoke at today ... to 170 people. Eek. Rescue Remedy anyone??

I have been intrigued at the way I'm being guided/pushed/prompted by the universe to develop this area further. Quite frankly I was just happy to get over my initial fear of public speaking last year. And now I seem to be progressively presenting to larger groups and for longer periods. I just seem to keep saying 'yes'. And of course it's fine.

Embracing the unknown is not always easy!

Anyway, PicLits is such a lovely site - like magnetic poetry! Choose a picture and then drag and drop words to create your own poem. You'll have to click on the picture to read mine ...

Try it, it makes you feel good :)


  1. Just curious Kerry,

    How did you start public speaking? Did you do toastmasters or just get up and give it a go?

  2. So what happened was ... I applied for a job that involved quite a lot of public speaking without really realising. Once I had the job I realised I'd better get over it pretty quickly!
    It started with small groups and seems to have progressed to bigger groups.
    The best advice I was given it to just 'be myself' because people pick up/tune out if you start 'presenting'. It also helps to know your subject very well.
    Have you done much presenting?

  3. Like you Kerry I had a fear of public speaking when I first started my business seven years ago. These days I can honestly say I love it.

    Your advice is great - being yourself is the only way. If you're interested in doing any additional training about authentic speaking (as opposed to presenting) I can highly recommend Robert Rabbin's courses (

    I love this post and the link to PicLits by the way!

  4. Thanks for commenting Kate ... what kind of presenting/speaking do you do and where do you do it? I had a look at Robert's site - looks really interesting!

  5. Kerry: Thanks for sharing our site with the folks in Australia this past March. I know that we have lots of page views from down-under. Have you had any feedback that might be useful to us going forward. DRAG-N-DROP appears to be the most beneficial when teachers are trying to teach grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and even spelling. FREESTYLE tends to be more scattered and less time consuming. Let me know what you and your colleagues think. THANKS ( Terry Friedlander, founder
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