Friday, March 27, 2009

Stories we tell ourselves

I was inspired by this post by Yvonne today, here's part of it...

We all carry around a story by which our lives are defined:
-I'm like this because...(enter story)
-It's all because I was...(enter story)
-I do things this way because...(enter story)
-I'll never be...because...(enter story)
-People don't like me because...(enter story)

It's true that we love our stories! In fact when I had a Kinesiology session of my own last week I broke into a bit of a 'story' to explain something or other and the Kinesiologist said 'I don't want the story, I want the truth!'

I was using a story as avoidance without even realising. Talk about a shock!

Breaking free of the story can bring a lot of freedom and I'm grateful I was confronted about it. Yvonne has a great exercise on her site I want to try - check it out!

My friend Jas picked up a great quote from a workshop she did, 'Is that true, or is it just a story you tell yourself?'

What stories are you telling yourself?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Poetry at PicLits

PicLit from
See the full PicLit at

So this is where my world's collide ... I shared this site, amongst other things (PicLits, not my blog!) at an eLearning conference I spoke at today ... to 170 people. Eek. Rescue Remedy anyone??

I have been intrigued at the way I'm being guided/pushed/prompted by the universe to develop this area further. Quite frankly I was just happy to get over my initial fear of public speaking last year. And now I seem to be progressively presenting to larger groups and for longer periods. I just seem to keep saying 'yes'. And of course it's fine.

Embracing the unknown is not always easy!

Anyway, PicLits is such a lovely site - like magnetic poetry! Choose a picture and then drag and drop words to create your own poem. You'll have to click on the picture to read mine ...

Try it, it makes you feel good :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Letting go

Autumn has arrived! As the leaves begin to change colours over the next few months and fall to the ground will you...
  • be upset?
  • feel annoyed or frustrated with the tree?
  • try to change the speed of the leaves falling and make it happen more quickly ... or try and reattach the fallen leaves?
  • angrily point out that the leaves dropped last year and every year before that and is therefore unecessary?
  • feel like this is the end of ALL LEAVES...?
How ridiculous, right?

And yet when it comes to situations in our lives and the realisation we need to change old attitudes, beliefs, habits, behaviours, etc to move forwards, how often do we do these very things?

We might feel upset, angry or frustrated about the situation or ourselves, resentful we even have to deal with it, feel annoyed we have to continue to look at some of the same issues, wish it would happen faster/slower and feel like it's the END OF THE WORLD.

We accept the leaves will change and fall and that there is a reason for this ... to rest over the winter and to allow new life (attitudes, beliefs, habits, behaviours) to blossom. The tree can't hold onto the old leaves and create new buds at the same time!

In Chinese Medicine Autumn relates to the Metal element. With our lungs we take in and let go of air (life). Lungs relate to grief whilst the Large Intestines are to do with holding on and letting go. The colour is white and the sound is weeping.

The Metal element is about value - what do we value in ourselves and in life and how do we choose what is important to hold onto. And conversely, what do we allow ourselves to let go of. In balance, the metal element has a strong connection to God/the universe/your higher self (or whatever that 'something bigger' might be for you) whilst out of balance you might feel completely cut off and also disconnected from others.

If you are predominantly a metal element 'constitution' and out of balance you might find yourself wearing a mask as you face the world and feeling that noone truly understands you. Either holding onto everything (people, possessions, money, situations etc) or unable to hold onto anything.

Events like the recent bushfire devastation prompt us all to focus on what we value in our lives - and this nearly always comes back to the people we love and who love us. The key lesson of the metal element is to reconnect with your inner self and to see the bigger picture, the natural order of the universe...

Ask yourself, what do I need or want to let go of now? Am I going to make this process difficult for myself? Or am I going to accept it as I do the flow of the seasons?

Where to start? As Louise Hay says in 'You Can Heal Your Life', the first step is a decision: 'I am willing to change.'

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why I do what I do :)

18% of women aged 28 - 33 are depressed!

I read this statistic today and it really shocked me: A 'Women's Health Australia study suggests women aged 28 to 33 are in poorer mental health than their mothers or grandmothers, with almost one in five reporting a diagnosis of depression by a doctor,' (The Australian, Dec 2008).

Surprising for so many reasons ... the fact that young women are experiencing more depression than other age groups, the high proportion ... and the fact that one in five REPORT a diagnosis by a doctor ... imagine then what the true statistics could be...

The study also showed that a woman's 'stage of life influenced rates of depression, with the young dealing with new-found independence, relationships and uncertainty.'

Who can relate to that? So much choice, so much confusion!

I know from personal experience that if you visit a doctor and express concerns about feeling down you are likely to walk away with a prescription for anti-depressants. Of course this may be the best course of attack in some instances ... though I've since discovered that few fare better than a 'placebo' eg sugar pill or fake drug, in trials.

How fortunate was I that I 'happened' to have an appointment with my Kinesiologist, Amanda the next day.

By then I was in 'no choice' about being depressed and taking the anti-depressants - I 'knew' that I had to. The 'diagnosis' (dysthymia - long term low level depression) made perfect sense and I was sick of feeling down for no good reason.

I 'supposed' we might as well 'look at' the depression even though I 'knew' it wouldn't make any difference.

You can see where this is going can't you ...

After that session and another the week after ... my 'depression' cleared - that was over two years ago and I haven't had one of those 'black cloud days' since. And I don't live in fear of a depressed phase sneaking up on me as I did for many years. We got to the root of some of the issues and by clearing them 'at the time' I let go of them in the present. Imbalances in chakras, meridians, brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) and much more were also addressed.
And luckily for me (I believe) I never did get that prescription filled.

So this is why I'm here and why I do what I do :)