Friday, February 27, 2009

Can I smell brandy?

Can I smell brandy?
The first time she came to Sakura Lounge, my friend Jo (in pic above!) said ... what's with the brandy in the room?? Don't worry Jo ... it's just to top up the flower essences ...!

What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essences are literally the ‘essence of a flower’. They are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the most evolved part of the plant - the flowers. They work on an emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious mind.

Where do they come from?
Flowers have been used for healing for thousands of years. Dr Edward Bach devoted his life to researching flower remedies about sixty years ago. He worked intuitively to find 38 remedies he believed would heal all conditions. He would suffer the emotional state that he needed to cure and then try various plants and flowers until he found the one single plant that could help him.

As well as using the Bach Flower Remedies, I also use the Australian Bush Flower Essences, Alaskan Desert Flower Essences and occasionally Liquid Crystal Essences.

Most people who’ve had a Kinesiology session have had the experience of having ‘their body’ choose a flower essence with exactly the right message they need at the time. It can be quite amazing!

Making the remedies
It’s quite a romantic process involving beautiful flowers, sunshine and bowls of water…!

Flowers grown under ‘perfect’ conditions are collected and without being touched directly by the individual, placed in a bowl of pure water and left in direct sun for several hours.

The flowers are then removed from the bowl, using a twig or a leaf from the same plant. The remaining flower water is then added to brandy to preserve it.

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