Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What are the five elements?

During any session with a Kinesiologist it is likely at some point they will refer to the 'five elements' which include fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

In Chinese Medicine the five elements relate to specific organs and muscles. Traditionally surgery and autopsies were not part of their beliefs ... as a result, the organs in Chinese Medicine refer more to the function of the organ rather than the structure.

One of the most interesting aspects of the five elements are their emotional associations and this is very important in Kinesiology. Each element relates to a number of things - a time of day, season, taste, sound, patterns ... I will go into more detail about each as the year progresses, next week starting with fire.

For now, an overview of each of the element emotions:
Fire - love, hate, control, submission, controlling others, spontaneous, joyful
Earth - empathy, sympathy, self nurture, chronic worry, unbalanced giving and receiving
Metal - self worth, grief, guilt, acknowledgement, connection, holding on, letting go, value
Water - wisdom, fear, anxiety instincts, intuition, controlling environment, driven
Wood - compassion, frustration, resentment, courage, perfectionist, timid, over-assertive

We express aspects of all five elements and we can be 'in-balance' or 'out of balance' in relation to that element. However most people will find that many of their 'issues' relate to one main element and exploring the patterns and lessons of that element can be really rewarding.

This will naturally occur as part of a Kinesiology session but be sure to ask if you have a specific interest in finding out more ..

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