Thursday, January 15, 2009

Holiday every day!

So now that most of us are back to work ... how to maintain that relaxed feeling of holidays?

Did you read the article in the Herald Sun last weekend, How to Holiday at Home? They suggest we 'stop investing so much in our annual holidays and start putting a little more into every day'.

I like it!

So, what is it that you most enjoy about your holidays ... time with friends/family, fabulous food, bushwalking, art, meeting new people, sightseeing or whatever (ok, all of it!) ... figure out what it is and try to introduce some of that every day ... or at least more regularly.

Find new galleries to visit (or maybe just flick through an art book) ... try different bars and coffee shops ... use your lunch break creatively ...

When Laurence and I were in Tassie over the new year, I LOVED the bushwalks. Now, if anyone has an idea of how to move some hills (not too high) and beautiful bushland a little closer to Melbourne I would love to hear about it!


  1. Yes, I totally agree with 'Holiday every day'. In my life, I find it is important to try different things and not get stuck in a routine. If I do, I start to feel bored, frustrated and everything seems just like work.

    I try to something during the week afterwork, like catching up with the girlfriends for an an work drink or dinner. One time my Mum and I went to a musical on a Wednesday and it really did feel like we were on holiday.

    Kerry - the Otway Ranges are fantastic and there is a tree top walk.

  2. Thanks for this ... I must go do that walk!

    I actually walked around Fitzroy Gardens at lunch today and it was beautiful! :)