Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling hot?!

What a perfect time to talk about the fire element ... right in the middle of an extreme heat wave! The fire element relates to Summer ... the smell is scorched ... the colour red ... and the sound is laughing or sadness. The organs are the heart, small intestine, pericardium (heart protector) and triple heater.

The fire element is related to how we create our life. In balance, fire element people are fun, dynamic and spontaneous ... life flows and you live with passion.

Love is extremely important for people who are predominantly a fire element constitution. Having someone to love and being loved in return feels essential. This can mean your relationships are balanced, passionate and joyful. Out of balance control becomes a major issue. You could find yourself either trying to dominate or control your relationship/ partner or otherwise become extremely submissive. Either can be a form of self protection. In each case you might blame others for how you feel.

The fire element is also related to your personal identity. A fire element imbalance might mean that you are confused about your identity ... for example readily and dramatically changing opinions, hobbies, accents, behaviour or personality ... depending on your latest friends or experiences ...

However expressed, the imbalance is fundamentally internal ... and the lesson is to learn to love yourself unconditionally, connect to yourself and others and follow your heart...

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  1. I think we both know that there is a good deal of fire in my system Kerry :-) Thank you for this illuminating post. Knowing how important it is for me to be loved provides illumination and insight.